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Documenting Magically Magnificent Moments

Meet Your Meandering Photographer


Psst, that's me!


Bailey Myers here and I am the creator, photographer and videographer for Meandering Media.

Meander means; to follow a winding path.

Boy oh boy was it a winding path that led me here! For years I worked as a TV News Reporter putting together videos and news reports which covered a variety of topics. Then I became a Public Relations Consultant working with non-profit organizations as they rebranded themselves in this digital era.

While I learned so much about people, business branding, and social media marketing, there was just something missing...Laughter and creativity!

So, I launched my own business in hopes of adding a little bit more joy to this world through my creative approach to photography and videography!

I take more of a journalistic approach to my photography which means I love capturing candid moments and making sure each photo is full of laughter and light! So let's go take some breathtaking photos and have an adventure! 

So, I hope you choose me to capture your special moments on this meandering journey we call life!

With Love, 

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