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I'm so happy you're here!

I'm Bailey Myers, the person behind the lens of Meandering Media

Meander means; to follow a winding path. 

Boy oh boy was it a winding path which led me here.

For years I worked as a TV News Reporter covering crime & courts. While I learned so much about people, business branding, and social media marketing, there was just something missing...Laughter and creativity!

So, I put down the microphone and picked up a camera and I didn't look back!


As a storyteller by nature, I strive to take a documentary approach to your event/special day. I want to make sure you remember all the little moments. I want to be there capturing all the laughter, dancing, sunsets, moonrises, and love from your special day. 

I make it my goal to make sure everyone who steps in front of my lens feels beautiful, celebrated, empowered, and joyous. Because that's how I would want to feel when I'm vulnerable on camera. My mission is to put you at ease while capturing your love story in these photographs which will last a lifetime. 

Traveling to new places and learning about cultures new to me is something I am passionate about. So, if you are thinking about planning a trip somewhere- let me know. I may have been there and would love to share some tips & tricks. Or, better yet, I'd love to meet you there and document your wedding day at your dream destination.

Another note about me...I'm a bit of a goofball. You'll figure that out quickly because I love to keep my clients giggling with each other while I snap away so I can capture sincere laughter on camera. So don't worry, you aren't awkward on camera. I'll be plenty awkward behind the camera for the three of us to enjoy. Ha!​

So, I hope you choose me to capture your special moments on this meandering journey we call life!​

With Love, 


Every love story starts somewhere...

Where will this chapter start? 

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